I am Piyush Soni, currently working as a Software Engineer in SolidWorks Corp, after completing my masters in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. Hailing from the beautiful, small and heavenly city called Udaipur in India, I completed my B.Tech.  in Mechanical Engg. from ISM Dhanbad, India in 2005 after getting selected in the 'then' coveted IIT-JEE. But as my interests were always oriented towards Computer Science and programming, after completing my B.Tech. I joined Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) and worked there for two years as an Assistant Systems Engineer. The reason I took Mechanical Engg. even though I was interested more in Computer Science was simple - I could not get that in any IIT or ISM :) Nevertheless, I took what was the best compromise of my interests and available 'good' options at that time, considering the then fact  that 'Anyway everybody does a software Job only'. Still, I must say that studying Mechanical was a great and very interesting experience, which in my biased point of view :) , is the best branch of study after Computer Science.  

But then, working for two full years in TCS, I realized the coding work I was doing, was not that challenging, and anybody could do that. (I don't know why we humans have this bug and itch of 'challenging'  and stuff. You are getting food ! - EAT IT MAN !! But yes, it's there.) So I decided to do some quality work in a quality( or may be a 'not so quality') company. The main hurdle in this was a 'B.Tech. in Mechanical Engg' -  to do good work in a field, you need to have good knowledge in that. So I woke up one morning and decided to come here to study Computer Science:)

So, that is the life of Pi in short till now. My hobbies include Programming and listening Ghazals, especially the ones sung by  the legendary Jagjit singh !!! (Jagjit Singh is GOD).