This tool called Bender, which is in its first stage emerges out of a need for the surgeons to virtualize heart surgeries which involves besides visualizing a three dimensional view of the heart, its valves and arteries from different angles the fine grained surgical operations like cutting and bending of the patient's arteries and joining them in another appropriate place, all in real time. Bender uses triangle mesh and ray casting operations to achieve this, and inserts a cubic Bezier curve inside the cut artery as its 'spine' and projects the vertices of the cut part on it. When the user interactively and intuitively modifies any of the control points related to this spine, its length is maintained and corresponding vertices are 'unpro-jected' back from it after deforming the same. The complete report can be found here.

This tool is a new innovation which could help in efficiently sending large volumetric data over the internet, by using 3d Rasterization and compressing the data to include only the important part and decompressing the data again at the remote machine. The complete report can be found here.

In 3D Modeling, till now the tubes which could be used for bending etc. did not preserve their length while doing so. This project gives an approach to simulate constant length tubes or arteries which could be bent, moved or cut etc., something very important for heart surgery and can also find its uses in other modeling tools. This includes a small separate project, called 'Constant Length Polyloop smoothing'. The complete report can be found here.